8 Things To Ask Before Hiring A Plumber

Plumbers in Greenville, MIAre you anticipating a major plumbing repair or installation in your home? Hiring the right plumbing contractor for your next job can be filled with unexpected pitfalls.

Our plumbing contractors in Greenville, Belding, and Livonia, MI want to make sure that you are informed about what questions you should ask before hiring for the job.

Here are the top eight questions you should ask when hiring a plumbing contractor.


1. Are You Licensed?

In the state of Michigan, all plumbers must be licensed. A plumbing license is an official stamp of approval that proves the plumber is qualified to work on your home’s plumbing. If the plumbing contractor can’t come up with a license, you’re better off checking out their competition. Our trained plumbers at Parker-Arntz are licensed and ready to tackle your leaking sink or clogged drains when you need them.

2. Does the Estimation Cover All Costs?

Some plumbing contractors will try to nickel and dime you for expenses that should have been included in the initial estimation. Your plumbing contractor should only give you an estimate after they have checked out your plumbing situation. If the contractor tries to give you an estimate over the phone, it won’t be accurate.

Be sure to ask if their estimate includes delays caused by unforeseen complications, in addition to the full cost of materials and labor. Our plumbers will assess the scope of the project before providing you with an estimate so you know what the job will entail.

3. Do You Charge an Hourly or Flat Rate?

Before signing any contracts, ask if your contractor will be working for a flat or hourly rate. Plumbing contractors who work for an hourly rate may not be inclined to work efficiently, which can cause you to go over budget.

4. When Do You Want Payment?

For major plumbing projects, your contractor should ask for payments in installments spread throughout the project. For smaller projects, your plumber will usually ask for payment once the job is complete. However, if your contractor asks for full payment up front, you’re better off walking away.

5. Are You Insured?

Any legitimate plumbing contractor will have insurance in place to protect their workers should they become injured on the job. If the plumbing contractor doesn’t have insurance in place, you may be responsible for covering medical bills for an injured worker. Avoid unexpected costs by checking that your contractor’s insurance is current and ready-to-go.

6. What Warranties Are Available?

Before starting any plumbing project, be sure to ask your contractor if they offer warranties. Warranties can be a godsend when something goes wrong shortly after the completion of the project. With a warranty you are able to protect your latest plumbing investment.

7. Have You Worked a Job Like This Before?

If your plumbing project is intricate or intensive, you especially want to make sure the prospective plumbing contractor will be able to do the job. If the plumber does have the experience, ask them to provide you with references corresponding to those jobs. This will help you determine if the contractor does quality work.

8. Do You Clean Up After Yourself?

While most plumbers will clean up the work site once the job is done, this isn’t always guaranteed. To avoid having huge messes left behind, have a conversation with your plumbing contractor to determine responsibility for the mess. Sometimes, plumbing contractors will charge an extra fee for cleanup, which is why it’s best to check this out before the project starts.

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